The 411th CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post ranks the teams currently playing in 75 leagues around the world according to the number of different players fielded in domestic league matches over the last five years. The top three most stable teams are Sweden’s Halmstads BK (44 footballers), Manchester City (47) and Athletic Club (49).
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Raffaele Poli
Roger Besson
Loïc Ravenel
Thomas Gonzalez

Over a ten-year period, the Basques of Athletic Club have used the fewest players in domestic league matches (71 different footballers), with Borussia Mönchengladbach in second place (80), Manchester City fourth (84), Real Madrid sixth (86) and Arsenal eleventh (89). The greatest figure among current big-5 league teams was recorded for US Salernitana (126), ahead of Nottingham Forest (121).

As for the most unstable teams overall, the highest values were recorded for the Brazilians of ABC for the last decade (316 players), the compatriots of Ponte Preta for the last five years (168), as well as for the Paraguayans of Sportivo Ameliano and Club Guaraní and the Colombians of Atlético Huila (60 in all three cases) for the last 365 days.

Number of players fielded in domestic league

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