Issue number 423 of the CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post ranks 60 top division leagues around the world according to the percentage of coaches in place at the start of the 2022/23 season who are no more in charge today. Of the 850 teams analysed, 487 changed coaches during the season, corresponding to a percentage of 57.3%.
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Raffaele Poli
Roger Besson
Loïc Ravenel
Thomas Gonzalez

The greatest percentages were measured in three leagues from the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia, North Macedonia and Serbia), two from Africa (Tunisia and Algeria) and one from Central America (Costa Rica). At the other end of the scale are India (just one coach replaced in 11), Malta (3 in 14) and Australia (3 in 12). For the big-5, the values range from 55% in the Premier League (11 out of 20) to “only” 35% in Serie A (7 out of 20).

Clubs that changed coach at least once made the first replacement on average after 45.4% of matches, with a negative record of only 24.6% of games led by the coach who started the season in Romania, followed by the United Arab Emirates and Greece. In the big-5, the values stretch from 56.6% in the Spanish Liga to 35.6% in the Italian Serie A, where clubs changed relatively few coaches but rather quickly.

Percentage of coaches in place at the start of the season who are no more in charge today

Season 2022/23, until 22/05/2023