The 441st CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post crunches data from our partners Wyscout on shots attempted and goals scored during the current season to determine the best finishers* in 65 leagues on all continents. With 1.57 goals per 90' and a conversion rate of 37% in relation to shots taken, Bayern Munich’s centre-forward Harry Kane tops the list.
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Raffaele Poli
Roger Besson
Loïc Ravenel
Thomas Gonzalez

Feyenoord's Mexican striker Santiago Giménez is second (1.4 goals per game with a shot conversion of 33%), while Real Madrid's England attacking midfielder Jude Bellingham and the new Congolese international from SC Braga, in Portugal, Simon Banza, are tied in third position. Also in the top 10 notably are Lautaro Martínez (fifth), Erling Haaland (seventh) and Kylian Mbappé (tenth).

Two players who have yet to celebrate their 19th birthday feature in the top 100: Roony Bardghji (18.0 years, 40st) of Copenhagen and Jayden Addai (18.9 years, 12th) of AZ Alkmaar's second team. In contrast, the evergreen Óscar Cardozo (40.5 years, 30th) of Club Libertad, in Paraguay, is the oldest player in the top 100, ahead of Joaquín Larrivey (37.8 years, 23rd) of Deportes Magallanes, in Chile, and Cristiano Ronaldo (38.8 years, 56th).

The finishing index is calculated by multiplying the number of domestic league goals scored per 90’ with the conversion rate of shots taken. The result is adjusted by the sporting level of the matches played (as a percentage difference from the overall average). Only footballers who have played at least 720 domestic league minutes for the same team during the current season are considered.

Ranking of players according to the finishing index

Domestic league matches, current season, at least 720 minutes played until 28/11/2023. Data: Wyscout.