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Monthly Report 96

Worldwide demographic analysis of women’s football

Women’s football steadily grows and the process of professionalisation is continuing. Although still comparatively less available than for men, data on the demographic profile of female players is now more accessible for women too. This report analyses the composition of 223 teams from 19 leagues around the world: 14 European and 5 non-European.

Monthly Report 95

Origins and destinations of football expatriates (2020-2024)

This report examines from a spatial perspective the presence of expatriate players in professional leagues. The analysis covers 135 leagues around the world, including 83 from UEFA member associations, with May 1st as the reference date for both 2024 and 2020, the year chosen to present data on migration trends.

Monthly Report 94

Technical performance analysis in six game areas

This report presents the CIES Football Observatory’s approach to assessing the level of performance of outfield players in six different areas of the game: ground defence, distribution, take on, chance creation, finishing and aerial play. For each of these areas, indices have been created by considering players’ related actions, both in terms of their frequency in relation to the minutes played and, where relevant, their success rate.

Monthly Report 93

Playing under high pressure and ball retention

This report analyses the data on high intensity pressure produced by the French company SkillCorner. It presents several statistical models highlighting the link between teams’ styles of play, the level of pressure experienced by players and their ability to retain possession. It shows the importance of contextualising individual performance in relation to that of the team and the position occupied.

Monthly Report 92

Spatial analysis of transfer revenues streams (2014-2023)

This report analyses from a spatial perspective the origin of transfer revenues collected by clubs worldwide between 2014 and 2023 according to their parent association. In total, clubs earned no less than €75 billion: around two-thirds from international transfers and the rest from domestic ones. However, this proportion varies greatly from country to country.

Monthly Report 91

Younger than ever ? The use of minors in the European big-5 (2009-2023)

This report studies the fielding of minor footballers, under 18 years of age, in matches of the five major European leagues played over the 15-year-period between the 1st January 2009 until the 31st December 2023. The analysis covers the differences observed between leagues, the evolution over time, as well as the characteristics of the players concerned.

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