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Monthly Report 77

Financial analysis of big-5 league clubs’ transfers

This report analyses transfer fees paid by big-5 league teams (chapter “investments”), the clubs and leagues having benefited from these indemnities (chapter “receipts”), as well as the net balances at both teams’ and leagues’ level (chapter “net spending”) for transactions occurred between January 2013 and August 2022.

Monthly Report 76

Demographic analysis of ten women’s leagues (2017-2022)

The June 2022 Monthly Report of the CIES Football Observatory analyses the squad make up of ten of the main women’s leagues worldwide from the aspects of players’ age, playing time of expatriate footballers and origins represented among the latter. The study covers the six-year period from 2017 to 2022.

Monthly Report 75

Football players’ export: 2017-2022

The 75th Monthly Report analyses the origins of expatriate players in 135 professional leagues worldwide (83 European, 20 Asian, 18 South American, ten North American and four African) and presents the trends for the six-year period between 2017 and 2022.

Monthly Report 74

Players’ technical profiles: a role-based approach

This Monthly Report continues the reflection started in the previous edition in determining the technical profile of players. It presents a role-based approach, which is particularly useful for determining profiles based on actions carried out by players in comparison to teammates, independently of their position on the pitch.

Monthly Report 73

Demographic analysis of professional football club coaches

The 73rd edition of the CIES Football Observatory Monthly Report analyses the characteristics of coaches from 1,866 teams from 126 leagues in 89 countries worldwide. The study focuses on the coaches’ age, their tenure duration since their entry into office up until the 1st March 2022, their origin (national/expatriate) and their sporting biography (former professional player or not).

Monthly Report 72

Technical profiling of football players

This Monthly Report presents the method developed by the CIES Football Observatory to determine the technical profile of footballers, ranking them in different groups and establishing hierarchies within the latter. To do this, we have based ourselves on the data produced by our partners from InStat referring to the actions (shots, crosses, interceptions, etc.) undertaken by 7,215 players from 36 European leagues.

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