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Weekly Post 466

Transfer values: top 100 worldwide

England’s Jude Bellingham is currently the player in the world with the highest value on the transfer market. According to the CIES Football Observatory’s statistical model, after a very successful first season at Real Madrid, with just a few days to go before the Champions League final, his fair price has now reached €280m.

Weekly Post 465

Sustainable squad management: Arsenal at the top

Good squad planning is a key factor in the success of clubs. The 464th CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post ranks more than 700 clubs from 59 leagues around the world according to a continuity index that considers the stability of the squad, its age structure and the contract policy. This allows us revealing the teams that are both the most stable and the best prepared to maintain a good level of stability in the seasons to come.

Weekly Post 464

Most impactful players of the season

The 464th CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post presents the outfield footballers whose performances have had the greatest impact during the 2023/24 season in 54 leagues around the world.

Weekly Post 463

Defensive work by forwards: new indicator

The 463rd CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post ranks attacking players (wingers and centre forwards) in 30 leagues around the world according to the amount of defensive work performed.

Weekly Post 462

Territorial anchorage index: Athletic Club at the top

Issue 462 of the CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post analyses the territorial anchorage of almost 1,000 teams in 58 leagues around the world from the point of view of the proportion of national players and club-trained footballers among those fielded in the domestic league over the last year. The territorial anchorage index reflects the gap from the general average for these two variables, with a maximum score for Athletic Club (100% of nationals and 62% of ‘trained’).

Weekly Post 461

Most seasoned U20 players: world’s top 100

The 461st CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post presents the 100 players in the world who have not yet celebrated their 20th birthday having accumulated the most playing experience* during the last year. The highest ’experience capital’ score was recorded for Benfica’s midfielder João Neves. The Portuguese international has played no less than 4,905 official game minutes, of which 97% as a starter, at an excellent level over the last 365 days.

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