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Monthly Report 73

Demographic analysis of professional football club coaches

The 73rd edition of the CIES Football Observatory Monthly Report analyses the characteristics of coaches from 1,866 teams from 126 leagues in 89 countries worldwide. The study focuses on the coaches’ age, their tenure duration since their entry into office up until the 1st March 2022, their origin (national/expatriate) and their sporting biography (former professional player or not).

Monthly Report 72

Technical profiling of football players

This Monthly Report presents the method developed by the CIES Football Observatory to determine the technical profile of footballers, ranking them in different groups and establishing hierarchies within the latter. To do this, we have based ourselves on the data produced by our partners from InStat referring to the actions (shots, crosses, interceptions, etc.) undertaken by 7,215 players from 36 European leagues.

Monthly Report 71

World demographic study: 15 leagues’ comparison

This Monthly Report compares ten non-European leagues and the top five European ones from the point of view of the demographic characteristics of players involved. The comparison covers footballers fielded in domestic league games during the second semester of 2021.

Monthly Report 70

Ranking players according to their match experience

This Monthly Report presents the method developed by the CIES Football Observatory to rank players globally by combining their playing time with the sporting level of the teams for which they played or the competitions they participated in. The so-called “experience capital” method is particularly useful to scout young players.

Monthly Report 69

Demographic changes and unconventional clubs in Europe

The 69th Monthly Report analyses the data from the annual census carried out since 2009 by the CIES Football Observatory on players from 31 European top men divisions. It first presents the changes observed on a demographic level and then highlights the clubs that stand out the most from league rivals from the point of view of age, the presence of club-trained players, that of expatriates, as well as squad stability.

Monthly Report 68

Analysis of the distances covered in professional football competitions

Since last summer, the CIES Football Observatory has had the pleasure of working with match data produced by SkillCorner. This Monthly Report focuses on the distance covered by players during matches played during the 2020 or 2020/21 seasons in 31 competitions from both Europe and America. The study analyses the distances covered according to speed and present comparisons with regard to leagues, team results and player position.

Monthly Report 67

The economics of big-5 league transfers: past decade and post-pandemic

This report analyses the sums paid in transfer indemnities by big-5 league teams (chapter “investments”), the clubs and championships who benefited from these investments (chapter “receipts”), as well as the net balances for both big-5 league teams and the five major European leagues themselves (chapter “net spending”). The period covered stretches from the winter 2012 transfer window to the summer 2021 one.

Monthly Report 66

The demographic evolution of the principal women’s football leagues (2017-2021)

This report studies the changes occurred during the past five years in ten of the principal women’s leagues worldwide from the aspect of the players’ age, the percentage of expatriate footballers in teams, as well as that of full international players. It notably shows the growing influence of the major European men’s clubs in the sphere of women’s football.

Monthly Report 65

Expatriate footballers worldwide: global 2021 study

This Monthly Report analyses the presence of expatriate footballers in 145 leagues from 96 national associations worldwide. On the 1st of May 2021, despite the pandemic, the number of expatriates increased by 639 in comparison to the same date in 2020: from 13,025 to 13,664. This increase in difficult circumstances confirms that the internationalisation of the footballers’ labour market is a well-established process.

Monthly Report 64

The fluidity of football matches in Europe

This report analyses different indicators regarding the fluidity in matches played since the 1st of July 2019 in a total of 37 European competitions thanks to the data provided by InStat. The study notably reveals that the fluidity of the game depends on geographical and cultural logics.

Monthly Report 63

The sustainable squad management rating

This report presents the approach developed by the CIES Football Observatory to comparatively assess the sustainability of squads based on three elements: players’ age, the length of their stay in their employer club and the duration of their contracts. The study covers the squads of the 98 teams from the five major European championships.

Monthly Report 62

Teams and players in four Latin American leagues

This Report presents the second CIES Football Obaervatory analysis on the demographic profile of players and teams of four Latin American leagues: the Brazilian, Argentinean, Mexican and Chilean top divisions. The study comprises 2,260 footballers having played domestic league minutes during the second semester of the 2020 calendar year for one of the 80 clubs from the competitions surveyed.

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