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Monthly Report 85

Global study of football expatriates (2017-2023)

The 85th Monthly Report of the CIES Football Observatory studies the presence of expatriate footballers in 2,200 clubs participating in 135 leagues around the world: 83 from UEFA member associations and 52 from associations belonging to other confederations. In total, we analysed the origin of 62,610 players who were in the first team squad of their employer club on May 1st, including 14,405 expatriates.

Monthly Report 84

Attacking playing styles in world football

The 84th CIES Football Observatory Monthly Report analyses the dialectic between positional and fast attacks using data collected by InStat. The data refers to the current season for 52 leagues with more than ten games played, and the last completed season for 23 additional ones. The analysis thus covers no less than 18,000 matches.

Monthly Report 83

Global analysis of player loans

The temporary transfer of players is a practice much in vogue in professional football. It is used, notably, to allow the development of young players who do not yet have sufficient playing experience or a good enough sporting level to play in their owner club. But to what extent are young players concerned? And more generally, what is the percentage of players on loan? What are the differences according to leagues and positions played? Which clubs loan the most players?
This report answers these questions through the analysis of the characteristics of players present on the 1st March 2023 in the first team squads of 1,254 teams in 75 leagues from 57 associations worldwide.

Monthly Report 82

Inflation in the football players’ transfer market

This report analyses the transfer fees invested over the past ten seasons by clubs worldwide so as to measure the evolution of the sums involved and the inflation at the level of players’ prices. The latter is measured both in a global manner for all footballers whatever their characteristics, as well as for particular market segments.

Monthly Report 81

Scouting report: promising U21 talents in the world

This report identifies 200 players – the top 10 in 20 classification categories – who were born after the 1st January 2002 and have gained the most playing experience in 2022. It is a showcase of the exclusive CIES Football Observatory approach for player scouting, gathering within a coherent framework different and complementary information such as playing time, competitive level, positions, technical domains of activity, age, contract duration and transfer value.

Monthly Report 80

Development paths of 2022 FIFA men’s World Cup players

This report traces the development paths of players selected for the 2022 FIFA men’s World Cup. It analyses the current clubs and leagues of World Cup participants (chapter “Employment”), the clubs and associations where these footballers have been for at least three years between their 15th and 21st birthday (chapter “Training”), as well as the teams and senior leagues where they have played official matches up until they turned 23 (chapter “Development”).

Monthly Report 79

Demographic profiling of players, clubs and leagues across Europe

Since 2009, the CIES Football Observatory carries out a census of players from clubs in 31 top divisions of UEFA member associations, enabling us to better understand the dynamics at work in the European football players’ labour market. This report presents the demographic portrait of players, clubs and leagues across Europe, as well the main trends observed.

Monthly Report 78

Recruitment policies of big-5 league clubs from an age perspective

This report compares the recruitment policies of big-5 league teams from the perspective of the age of players signed. The first part analyses the average age of recruitment of players currently in squads, both by league and by club. The second part studies the policies pursued over the past decade by the fifty clubs always present in the big-5 over this period.

Monthly Report 77

Financial analysis of big-5 league clubs’ transfers

This report analyses transfer fees paid by big-5 league teams (chapter “investments”), the clubs and leagues having benefited from these indemnities (chapter “receipts”), as well as the net balances at both teams’ and leagues’ level (chapter “net spending”) for transactions occurred between January 2013 and August 2022.

Monthly Report 76

Demographic analysis of ten women’s leagues (2017-2022)

The June 2022 Monthly Report of the CIES Football Observatory analyses the squad make up of ten of the main women’s leagues worldwide from the aspects of players’ age, playing time of expatriate footballers and origins represented among the latter. The study covers the six-year period from 2017 to 2022.

Monthly Report 75

Football players’ export: 2017-2022

The 75th Monthly Report analyses the origins of expatriate players in 135 professional leagues worldwide (83 European, 20 Asian, 18 South American, ten North American and four African) and presents the trends for the six-year period between 2017 and 2022.

Monthly Report 74

Players’ technical profiles: a role-based approach

This Monthly Report continues the reflection started in the previous edition in determining the technical profile of players. It presents a role-based approach, which is particularly useful for determining profiles based on actions carried out by players in comparison to teammates, independently of their position on the pitch.

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